IN RIVERTON FALLS, A SMALL NEW ENGLAND TOWN, globe-trotting bartender Celeste Fortune stands in her kitchen puzzling over last night’s frightening dream—a woman at a window, lilacs blowing in the breeze, someone’s hands tight around her neck. Celeste is sure the dream belongs to someone else. Perhaps she has finally broken through to the collective dreams of Dreamland group. Hoping her therapist and Dreamland leader will help her untangle it, she heads off into the cold November morning to her final appointment with him—or so she hopes. Her estranged fiancé has delivered an ultimatum: Leave the Dreamers, or end their relationship for good.

Instead of help, however, Celeste discovers her therapist dying in a pool of blood, skull crushed by his own healing crystal. His computer, containing the intimate dreams and revealing nightmares of half the town, is gone. Suspicion immediately falls on Celeste, known to be a a rebellious Dreamer. To clear her name, Celeste enlists the help of her old friend, Gloria, and the two women set out to find the real culprit. But when the two discover the power of the stolen dreams, they unwittingly become the killers next target.


A Dream to Die For is published by She Writes Press, an award-winning hybrid publisher for women authors.

Discussion Questions for A Dream to Die For 

  1. Why do you think Celeste is so easily influenced by Larry?  Is it her or is it him? Have you ever been in a similar situation or known someone who has?  

  2. Do you think gender dynamics play into the relationship between Larry and Celeste? How?


  3. What is it about small towns that make them the setting for so many mysteries? What features does Riverton Falls have that add to the storyline?

  4. Have ever encountered a cult or known people who have? Why do you think people join  cults? Why do you think Celeste was drawn to the cult of Dreamers?

  5. A Dream to Die For blends mystery, magical realism and speculative fiction or sci-fi in the twists and turns of its plot. Did these features work together for you? Why or why not?

  6. How do you think Celeste changes over the course of the book? Who has the most influence over her in the end? Larry? Jake? Gloria?


  7. What would you like to learn more about after reading A Dream to Die For?